king of the Fold – Ross Symons

October 31, 2014
Ross symons folding origami at home

We’re nosy so and so’s, we’ll admit to it!  So checking out people’s workspaces seemed like the obvious thing to do. Behold a glimpse into where the magic happens for Ross Symons, origami master and founder of  White On Rice.

What inspires you on/around your desk space?

I love having a big open space to work in with paper and tools within arm’s reach. My ideas rush to me quickly when I’m working and they leave just as fast, so if I don’t have the right tools or paper close to me then I lose that idea as a result of having to run around trying to find things. Having music playing does inspire me too. I’m an electronic dance music fan so if I’ve got my favorite DJ set playing then I get really inspired to churn out some creative stuff.

Does everything have its place or is it a case of organised chaos?

Organised chaos, I think is a great description!


Do you have a process or routine you stick to religiously?

I don’t really. I get an idea and run with it as soon as it dawns. I do find it important to plan what needs to be done and get it all organised around a project, but once that’s all done , I just get creative and get it all out as soon as I can.

Creativity is a very soft subtle thing that arrives when the time is right, so if it arrives and I don’t act on it right away, I lose it.

Can you tell us a little about what you’re working on ?

I’m currently busy with a 365 project where I fold a different origami figure every day for the year. I fold it, take a photo of it and post it onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. I get commission jobs and do window displays for shops etc. I’m also currently doing a collab project for a store window in Cape Town with a company called Schwarzie that makes stationery products.

daily dose of White on Rice goodness awaits you.