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September 9, 2016

There’s a lot to know and love about Live Your Legend – I suggest you get reading – but what I can and will point you to are these wise words. They found me at a time when I needed a swift kick up get where I’m going. When I was flailing and felt unsure about whether KING&why was making an impact or whether we should just call it quits. And if it had that kind of an impact on me, imagine what it’s doing for thousands of other people. Chief Inspiration Officer Chelsea Dinsmore reveals how she kept the message alive after her husband Scott Dinsmore passed away and how LYL is inspiring a league of gamechangers. MC, editor

You had to make the tough choice of whether or not to continue running Live Your Legend. What brought you to your decision? And if you had to sum it up, what would you say is the most important thing about Live Your Legend?

There wasn’t actually a moment I decided. I simply took one small step, then another, then another. The community sent me a lot of messages right after Scott passed, so I felt compelled to give back and wrote an initial blog post. I recognized that in sharing my journey I was able to help – so kept continuing to do so. I also felt compelled as Scott’s wife to keep his mission and message alive, so brought on the small team he had at a greater capacity. When doing that, I still didn’t know that I would be the one holding the torch because I didn’t know that I was capable of doing so – literally until I started doing it.

The most important thing about Live Your Legend is that it provides a community that encourages instead of discourages you from living out your dreams. Often times when we think “out of the box” we are told we are crazy or stupid, but LYL is a global community that not only believes, but proves, that you can spend your days doing something meaningful to you, make a living off what you love and use your strengths and talents to give back to the world.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Well I travel a lot – so ‘a typical day’ isn’t really a phrase in my vocabulary, ha. But every day does include a balance between consuming information that helps me become a better version of me, creating something to give to the world and connecting, whether with others or with nature.




I tend to wake up fairly early and prime my day by listening to my favourite songs, doing some physical activity, meditating or writing in my journal. My work hours include writing, engaging with the community, overseeing the big picture of LYL and making sure that the team has everything they need to successfully do their jobs. I also do a lot of interviews and review potential collaborations or partnership opportunities. When my workday is over, it is over. No more computer (unless I am travel planning!). My evenings are typically spent doing yoga, barre class, being in the ocean or catching a sunset (depending on where I am in the world), or spending time with friends and family before allowing some quality time to read before bed.

Many self-starters/entrepreneurs have talked about taking the leap before they were even close to ready. Do you identify with that?

Absolutely. If you wait until you are ready for anything, you’ll likely spend your whole life waiting and never actually doing! And growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. So it’s important to push your boundaries – as that is the only time that you actually learn and evolve. I had no idea how to run a business 12 months ago, but as I mentioned earlier, I just focused on the next smallest thing I could do to move the needle forward. And today, I am amazed when I look back on all that I accomplished by taking those small steps over and over.

Tell us about some of the storytellers or entrepreneurs who inspire you and why.

I am incredibly inspired by my friend and mentor Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies. I admire the way she leads, with love over metrics, and has built a successful business around helping people change one small simple habit.

I have spent a lot of time studying Tony Robbins’ work and have gathered a lot of knowledge and empowerment through it.

I also look to my friends Leo Babauta [of Zen Habits], Corbett Barr and Jonathan Fields for inspiration in running a passion driven, honest business and as sounding boards for business decisions. I draw strength, confidence and reassurance from my friends and family. And I’m tremendously inspired by the everyday stories I hear about people that are out living their dreams, like the ex-ad sales agent who dropped everything to move to Indonesia and is now a renowned surf videographer, or the guy who sold it all to live in a van and do what he loves – make music.

At LYL, we highlight transformation stories so that the community has proof of what is possible. Here are a few of my favourites: Alyssa, Matias, Ben, Ellen and Mike.

You were recently a keynote speaker at the World Domination Summit 2016. Describe what that experience was like for you.




I am beyond grateful that I got the opportunity to speak at WDS, it was a dream of Scott’s and I’m honoured that I was able to stand on that stage for the both of us. It was a whirlwind of highs and lows. I don’t have much experience in public speaking but I took on the challenge. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of prep – but felt completely worth it as I stood on that stage and delivered a message that I live and breathe everyday. To hear the things that people got from it left me in awe. Two people even got tattoos of something that I said on stage! Wow! For me, it was a reminder to forever keep on going – even when it feels impossible. Because you never know who you might touch, just by being you.

How do you see the LYL movement expanding?

The heartbeat of LYL is the community, because they are the ones out there living their legends day in and day out. The mission is far more powerful than any one voice, so while Scott started the platform and I am nurturing and growing it, I see the future of LYL as a business driven by its mission, not by its leader. I know that when one person starts to do something that matters to them, it creates a ripple and the more people we have out there doing that, the bigger the ripple will be.

“Be loud. Stay Loud. Change is not and never has been the thing that is quiet.” – Cleo Wade. What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs about knowing what to take a stand for?

Make sure you have the right people in your corner! I recently heard a quote from endurance athlete Robyn Benicasa: “At some point success doesn’t come from reaching up, it comes from reaching out.” No one does anything alone, so get people who will help carry you when you want to give up.

Also, just do something. Anything. Because the more you attempt, the more you accomplish. Will there be things that don’t go quite right? Sure! But there is no failure, there is only feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Most people sit in fear of trying their whole life, but taking that next smallest step (even when imperfect) is the road that will allow you to stop dreaming and start actually living.




Finally, make your why greater than yourself. Those committed to serving others or to solving a problem have a much higher chance of not giving up. We will do more for others than we will for ourselves – so make why you do what you do, something that’s outside of yourself. Do something that matters to you but with the motive to help, to give, to impact. You do that, and you will figure out a way, even when you don’t know how. Because staying hungry is the how.

Face it, you love LYL as much as we do!

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