Behind the Brand: Positive Luxury

October 3, 2016

CEO. Co-founder. Championer of conscious fashion. London-based Diana Verde Nieto is fighting the good fight. Get to know the woman behind Positive Luxury, a powerhouse for luxury brands with a penchant for doing good. MC, editor

The mother of all invention
I came to London with just $500 in my pocket and didn’t speak a word of English; or barely enough to get by, I should say.  Many years and many jobs passed from when I arrived in my adopted country to when I began to build a reputable brand. The reality is, that I didn’t have a choice! I needed to pay rent and live in London. It wasn’t hard to find the perseverance, it was a matter of survival. Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Lessons learnt
The biggest lesson I’ve learnt since starting Positive Luxury is that you never get it right the first time, or the second, or the third, but you need to keep falling and quickly picking yourself back up – that shapes the person that you are. Today, looking back, I am grateful and feel very blessed. I wouldn’t be here without all the people I met along the way, so I try every day to pay it forward.

I take inspiration from not just from one person, but from many. My team and their dreams, ambition and energy. For example, my co-founder, Karen Hanton, is not just an incredible business woman, but an incredible individual. My friends, especially the ones that are mothers – their strength and their ability to multitask without compromise amazes me.


Keep picking yourself back up, it shapes who you are

Keep moving, keep growing
Do I feel the need to always be improving and growing? Yes, always! If you don’t keep moving, learning, growing, you are dead right?

The tough days
In 2002, when I set up my first company (a sustainability communications consultancy), those were the tough days. Back then, people did not know what sustainability was about and climate change was not even part of the day to day topics of conversation. In fact, these subjects were not in the public domain at all.

The real gamechangers
Thankfully, incredible individuals such as Al Gore, Emma Watson, Livia Firth, Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo, and many others are using their influence to raise awareness of the biggest issues that the world is facing.

Best is yet to come
When we started Positive Luxury back in 2011, the conversation about sustainability was the equivalent to quiet whispers. Today it’s an open honest conversation with great influential people discussing the issues and the solutions and inspiring others to do so. Having said that, our greatest impact is yet to come. Watch this space!

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